The best restaurants to visit in Sochi

The best restaurants to visit in Sochi

by Daniela Stiglitz

The warm Black sea, smiling people and, of course, stunning restaurants where you will experience gastronomic and aesthetic pleasures and eat magnificent dishes prepared by culinary artists – welcome to Sochi.

1. Baran Rapan
Baran Rapan

Ragout is a slow-cooked stew of meat or vegetables. Ragout can be vegetarian or include different types of meat like veal, beef, lamb, pork, fish or poultry.

#18 of 872 restaurants in Sochi
European, Mediterranean, Seafood
Teatral'naya Ulitsa, 11, Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, Russia, 354000
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Photo from Restaurant Guru
Photo from Restaurant Guru
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The proximity of the city to the mountains influences the culinary traditions of this place, so in Sochi, you can find many dishes of Middle Eastern cuisine. This does not mean that this city can only offer kebabs or pilaf. Even the most demanding guests will be able to see the variety of dishes that local restaurants offer. One of the most popular places in the city is the restaurant Baran Rapan. The chef prepares delicious and unusual dishes from meat and seafood, so every visitor will find here what he likes. Here you can order juicy beef with caramelized eggplant and paprika sauce or rapana ragout. It is not only delicious but also very nicely served on plates of leaves and moss.

If you want to try something unusual, come to this place. The combination of classical meat food and modern seafood dishes will drive the most sophisticated gourmet crazy.

2. Khinkalnaya

Khinkali are basically Georgian dumplings and is a very popular dish in this country. They can be filled with broth, potato, mushroom, and meat. The eater holds a dumpling by its stem, takes a bite, sucks out the hot broth and consumes the filling.

#51 of 848 cafes in Sochi
Georgian, Italian
Kurortnyy Prospekt, 94/6, Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, Russia, 354024
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The restaurant Khinkalnaya is one of the most popular places where classic Georgian dishes are served. Here you will taste fried and boiled khinkali with white and red sauces and khachapuri.

In this place, the chefs strictly adhere to the traditions of Georgian cuisine. Cozy atmosphere, helpful staff, fabulous dishes, reasonable prices - what else do you need to relax with your family or friends?

3. Khmeli ICE Suneli
Khmeli ICE Suneli

Ribs are served as a rack of beef, veal or pork, which diners customarily tear apart by hand, then eat the meat from the bone.

European, Georgian
ГТЦ ОАО Газпром, 354392
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Photo from Restaurant Guru
Photo from Restaurant Guru

Khmeli Ice Suneli is a restaurant surrounded by snowy fir trees and picturesque peaks. It has an open terrace where it is pleasant to admire the surroundings.

In addition to the panoramic view, the restaurant offers a huge playroom for children, so it is a good option for lovers of skiing who came with family. Here you can try original author's dishes, based on recipes of popular Caucasian and Russian cuisines. A great choice is presented for lovers of both meat and seafood. Be sure to try a delightful rack of lamb, Sochi trout, and tender sheep ribs.

4. Rollercoaster
American, European
Olympic Ave, 21, Adler, Krasnodar Krai, Russia, 354383
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Photo from Restaurant Guru
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The most interesting and unusual restaurant in Sochi is a restaurant Rollercoaster which is distinguished by a unique serving of dishes - without waiters. Dishes ordered by electronic scoreboard drive down from the 14-meter height, where the kitchen is located, and come to the tables on a special track as on a roller coaster.

It is a unique and interesting experience to make an order using an interactive panel and get it without the help of a waiter. Guests have additional emotions and impressions. What is important for families with kids (a significant part of the audience), this is a great way to awaken the appetite of every child.

How many amazing places are there in Sochi? It is impossible to count. It is important to note that in this city you will be amazed not only by gourmet restaurants but also snack bars with an authentic Caucasian menu, as well as a local market where you can buy spices, fish, and sweets for every taste. Come to Sochi and try the most southern dishes of the famous Russian resort.

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