Warsaw: the Polish food pearl

Warsaw: the Polish food pearl

by Nova Vozrak

Warsaw is the capital of Poland. The city stands on the Vistula River and is a major tourist destination and a significant cultural place. If you come here, you will have to apply efforts to get bored, as this is very hard to perform in a place where there are a lot of things to see and even more to taste. Definitely, you should order bigos and golonka, having a holiday in Poland.

1. Polish hunter’s stew
Polish hunter’s stew

A very popular dish of Polish and Belarusian cuisines, a sauce made from stewed pork pieces (ham, loin, bacon), onions, cucumbers, cabbage, often with kvass. The main vegetable component is cabbage (two-thirds of the volume), both sour and fresh. Also add vegetables (salted cucumbers, mushrooms, tomatoes), sausage, hot kvass or wine.

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Nowy Świat 44, Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland
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Meat, vegetables, spices form a perfect mix in the form of bigos. This dish can be translated as ‘hunter’s stew’. It is made of chopped meat of various kinds which is stewed with fresh white cabbage and sauerkraut. The meat used may be pork (any type), beef, veal, poultry and smoked sausage. The best home-like variant of the dish may be ordered at Specjały Regionalne so take a note and come by when you have the chance.

2. Stewed pork knuckle
Stewed pork knuckle

This national Polish dish is a stewed or roasted pork hock or knuckle. It's cooked with bones and served in beer or honey sauce. So high-calorie and so tasty.

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Puławska 104/106, Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland
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If you like ham, you will love the dish called golonka. It is made of pickled ham hock which is a bit boiled and then grilled on a barbecue. The meat is tender, soft and juicy usually served with vegetables like potatoes or pickled cabbage. It is said to be a good siding for beer. Visit Stary Dom to enjoy the most nutritive dish on your trip to Poland.

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Warsaw: the Polish food pearl