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Best jellied eels in United Kingdom restaurants

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Jellied eels

The only fish that could survive in the River Thames was the eel. As a result, the poor population of London came up with many eel-based recipes.

Before the invention of refrigerators, the only way to store meat was encasing it in gelatin. Nowadays, small pieces of eel are served with jelly, spices or vinegar.

Osborne Bros
Osborne Bros / Seafood, Cafes
#47 of 1215 places to eat in Southend-on-Sea
Open now 08:00 - 17:00
M. Manze
M. Manze / Fast food
#727 of 52672 places to eat in London
Open now 10:00 - 14:30
British, Fast food, Vegetarian options
#1171 of 52672 places to eat in London
ClosedOpens at 10:30
British, Vegetarian options
Poppies / Fast food, Seafood, Restaurants, Pubs & bars
#2310 of 52672 places to eat in London
ClosedOpens at 11:00
Fast food, Seafood, British
Brighton Shellfish & Oyster Bar
Brighton Shellfish & Oyster Bar / Seafood, Restaurants
#138 of 2331 places to eat in Brighton
ClosedOpens at 10:30
Seafood, British
... на вид непонятное блюдо, оказалось "холодец" из угря =) Есть пара столиков прямо
The Pie House
The Pie House / Restaurants
#231 of 1486 places to eat in Bournemouth
ClosedOpens at 12:00
May be closed
British, Vegetarian options
The Net Shop Jellied Eel Bar
The Net Shop Jellied Eel Bar / Seafood, Pubs & bars, Restaurants
#178 of 631 places to eat in Hastings
Open now 10:00 - 04:30
... bar with friendly service, and serving all the usual shellfish ; Cockles, Mussels, Whelks, Jellied Eels, Prawns etc. Almost on the beach and adjacent to the fisherme
Company Shed
Company Shed / Seafood
#5 of 42 places to eat in West Mersea
Open now 09:00 - 17:00
Just had the worst jellied eels I have ever eaten. They had no taste what so ever. It was like they
Pie and Mash
Pie and Mash / Fast food
#23 of 171 places to eat in Felixstowe
ClosedOpens at 11:00
Fast food
BOBS seafood
BOBS seafood / Seafood, Restaurants
#62 of 424 places to eat in Folkestone
No info on opening hours
... try it . If you like whelks, mussels, cockles, prawns, crab, and especially their jellied eels, served with a smile right on the harbour wall, this is for you
Sea Haze
Sea Haze / Fast food, Seafood
#371 of 2331 places to eat in Brighton
Open now 09:00 - 15:00
British, Seafood
... is 6 Oysters & Cockles or maybe Crayfish Tails or maybe Crabsticks or maybe Jellied Eels etc. so much choice, that I have something different
Cooks Pie and Mash Shop
#13842 of 52672 places to eat in London
Open now 09:30 - 20:00
Traditional Pie and Mash and Jellied Eels - this is all that s ... Jellied Eels is an acquired taste - however