KGB menu

Dishes and Drinks in KGB


buñuelos ice cream pancakes


wine beer coffee house wine mango slush


tapas beef fish croquettes olivier salad pork meat chicken tuna seafood tartare poultry salads burgers flamenquín tuna tartare prawns oxtail cochinita pibil hamburgers octopus patatas bravas fusion tapas taters pasta cod soup laing sausages chorizo cheese mackerel calamari pies sandwiches salsa fritters belly pork fried fish fries feta salad jamon papas bravas ham ajoblanco lechón poke bowl broth pinxtos foie gras tomato salads potato tortilla baguette ratatouille quail eggs pork stew fried prawns mini burgers fried eggs fajitas pork tacos grilled salads shrimp pasta manchego burger hake king prawns calamari salad egg noodles brie cheese summer rolls kama pork burger coconut shrimp beef sandwiches crab sandwiches egg sandwiches roast beef sandwiches duck pancakes roasted sandwich cheese noodles ravioli shrimp toast

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