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n/naka / Restaurant
#17 of 27886 places to eat in Los Angeles
Opens at 18:00
NoHo Cafe
NoHo Cafe / Restaurant
#42 of 27886 places to eat in Los Angeles
Open now 11:00 - 19:00
Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Persian
Dizin / Restaurant
#61 of 27886 places to eat in Los Angeles
Open now 11:30 - 21:00
Mediterranean, Persian, Vegetarian
786 Degrees
786 Degrees / Restaurant, Pizzeria
#41 of 27886 places to eat in Los Angeles
Open now 11:00 - 22:00
Italian, Pizza, Halal
Ok, I know this is big claim. I have had a lot of pizza and a lot of good pizza too! I’ve had New York (even went to Lombardi’s), Chicago, Californian, etc. But 786 degrees is in a league of its own. The owner moved to Naples Italy for a few years just to learn how to make authentic traditional neopolitan pizza. While there he also bought an authentic wood fire pizza oven made with lava rock from Mt Vesuvius. So the oven can get super hot on the inside without it being hot on the outside at all. Because of the heat, the pizzas cook in about 90 seconds. Why is that important? Because it makes the dough light and fluffy, almost like pastry. It is AMAZING. And to top it offf, they offer exotic flavored pizzas in addition to standards. So you have a chicken tikka masala pizza, a doner kabob pizza, a chorizo pizza, and so on. The chef/owner tries to come up with new flavors inspired by the different cuisines around the world. I have had almost every pizza on the menu now. I try to go there at least once a week. They are all amazing and every person I have brought with me literally says “wow” after they take their first bite. It is kind of out of the way, up north of LA off the 5 freeway at the Sheldon Ave exit. And it is a little tiny place in a small little strip mall. But it is soooo worth it. If you are in LA and looking for a culinary adventure you really should make the trip up to 786. You will not be disappointed. Just make sure you check their hours. They are usually open from noon to 2pm and then from 5 to 9pm. They are closed from 2pm to 5pm. Just keep that in mind when planning your trip over there. Read more
Mendocino Farms
Mendocino Farms / Restaurant
#43 of 27886 places to eat in Los Angeles
Open now 11:00 - 21:00
Salads, Sandwiches
Today is New Year's Eve. I felt like having Mendocino Farms today as one of my last meals in 2017...going out with some deliciousness ;-) I went inside to order 2 avocado & quinoa salads (add chicken) to go. Upon ordering the host let me know that their superfood krunchies shipment hadn't yet arrived....my heart kinda dropped. Not only do I love this salad but I love the contrast of textures the superfood krunchies provide in the salad. It would not be the same without them.....those of you that know about the superfood krunchies understand and can feel my pain! So here's were the awesome staff comes in...    So I asked one of the guys behind the food making counter if they were in yet (crossing my fingers by the time my food would be ready they would be there). The guy I asked is Shawn. He said they were not, so I opted to wait for them. I didn't want to leave without my superfood krunchies! Shawn was apologetic, super nice, and trying his best to make me happy and get me my superfood krunchies! I appreciate that. He offered me an iced tea or anything I want while I wait....I liked that! Shawn is the man!!!!     Customer service is very important to me. I pay attention to that even when it doesn't look like I am. I understand things happen...that's life.     My salad was ready (minus the krunchies). Shawn went to the back and checked again and he said it's here we just have to get it off the truck and sort thru everything. May take a little bit (he said). Its ok, I said, I'll wait. Upon waiting I was chatting with another staff member, Maddie. Also nice! After about 15 ish minutes they were in house!!!! Hallelujah ;-p yes!!!! The manager on duty, Chris was also super nice and apologetic. Working I. The food industry myself I am understanding, but the staff made up for it! That's why I love coming here (to Sherman Oaks MF)! I was a little bummed when I ordered but very happy when I left!            Thank you Shawn, Chris, and Maddie! The salad.....soooo good and filling! 2 chipotle dressings on the side. It was full of chicken and all the other goodies that make up this delicious salad...including my superfood krunchies!!!! Yes! Oh and the iced tea is deeeeelicious! Unsweetened perfection! ***PLEASE open a location in Porter Ranch/Northridge area....the north end of the Valley could really use some Mendocino Farms love ;-p Read more
Corner Grille
Corner Grille / Restaurant
#177 of 27886 places to eat in Los Angeles
Open now 10:30 - 22:00
Korean, Burgers
Ok, this place is 3 stars tops BUT the owner was so cool and nice to me that I actually found some faith previously lost in humanity. I don't know why it's top in the nation. The food is...cheap KBBQ style beef mixed into different items and then smothered in additional sauces. If you're into that kind of thing - good for you. You will love this place. I did not. I got the Galbi Burger (Korean style sweet-meat on a Hawaiin type roll with cabbage, flavored mayo, sweet sauce) The KBBQ French Fries (Korean style sweet-meat on Fries with cheese, flavored mayo, sweet sauce, jalapeños) one of each kind of the 4 tacos (You guessed it...Korean style sweet-meat-chicken/beef/fish/mystery on soft taco with cheese, flavored mayo, sweet sauce, jalapeños) I basically got the same thing....replicated 6 different ways. I have trouble with food that's covered in lot of mayo, teriyaki, and other sauces. It's too rich. Combine all those sauces over one dish that's already HEAVILY marinated in a sweet base...and I actually kind of started to feel sick. I could only eat about half my food. The fries were good in the sense they did the best job of soaking up all the sauce. A lot of people love this kind of stuff. It's the same people that get sushi rolls called "The Los Angeles Volcano Batman" that's deep fried teriyaki chicken rolled in another layer of artificial crab meat and another in eel and spicy mayo and then topped with eel sauce. Just...no thank you. This was the Korean version of that. I actually wouldn't call this place Korean - the flavor scheme was more Hawaiin BBQ meets Cali-Japanese. I gave a 4th star because the owner made a point of telling me when I got my free drink for checking in "No refills." After I ate I was still thirsty and got a Diet Coke from the fridge as I asked for a to go box. I got the money out, she looked at how much food I hadn't eaten, or maybe even didn't notice, and said "it's ok, take it." She also smiled, let me use the bathroom, and showed me how to eat the tacos. In the 10 years I have been in LA and hundreds of restaurants I have tried, I've never had someone who clearly cared so much about every customer. This isn't a sit down place either..it's a busy strip mall hole in the wall place and the area it's located in ain't exactly Beverly Hills...She took the time to make sure everything was good, and let me know she appreciates my business with unnecessary kindness. It wasn't all about every last penny. I will not be back - but because of this - I will send people their way who like this type of food. May they have continued success at what they do and never lose touch with their humanity/passion. Read more
Mendocino Farms
Mendocino Farms / Restaurant
#62 of 27886 places to eat in Los Angeles
Open now 11:00 - 19:00
Salads, Sandwiches
I've been coming to Mendocino Farms for a few years now and I can't believe I'm just now writing this review! I've been to several of their locations including both locations in DTLA, the one at the Farmer's Market and in Hollywood (in the plaza with the Target etc...) in the LA area and a few others outside of LA. What I like about Mendocino Farms is their use of creative ingredients and flavors. Their salads all have lots of fresh produce and multiple ingredients which I love, I feel like I'm getting my bang for the buck. My favorite salad so far is their Sophisticated Chicken and Prosciutto salad- it has 2 different kinds of meats and lots of crunchy delights like honey roasted almonds, mozzarella and veggies. I feel full after eating this and it doesn't feel heavy. I've also tried their Fuji Apple salad and their Caesar Salad and both are great as well. I've also tried a few of their sandwiches as well- recently I tried the Steak BLT on a pretzel bun and let me tell you, I am a sucker for anything on a pretzel bun. The flavors are on point and I love the crunchy bacon and tangy sauce from the red wine. It has a little bit of everything including the roasted tomatoes (vegetable right? so I don't feel too guilty eating this). Some of my other favorites are the Kurobuta Banh Mi (this is pretty evil, it is pork belly after all)- I love the jalapenos and slaw on this, I usually get it without the aioli (because I don't like mayo) and it's still just as good. I also liked the Peruvian Steak sandwich- it definitely has more of a mellow flavor profile but I like the Oaxacan cheese which adds a nice texture. I like their service in general as well- at all the locations I feel that their staff is very friendly and helpful. I don't think I've met anyone at their locations who are unfriendly which is rare these days. It makes my day when I can enjoy a delicious meal and expect great service. I am definitely a huge fan and would highly recommend Mendo! Read more
Vinh Loi Tofu
Vinh Loi Tofu / Restaurant
#211 of 27886 places to eat in Los Angeles
Open now 10:00 - 21:00
Vegetarian, Vietnamese
TL;DR: Delicious vegan Vietnamese food at reasonable prices; possibly my favorite vegan restaurant in the SFV. I haven't explored the menu too deep here, but what I have tried (with one exception), I truly enjoy. The bun bo hue is probably my favorite dish on the menu, and is my go-to for lunch or later. The broth has a surprisingly bold depth of flavor, I'm guessing owing a lot to the earthy umami treasures of mushrooms, which we use in our own kitchen as a naturally glutamate-rich flavor enhancer. The spice is formidable if you like it hot, which is awesome. The bowl is loaded with rice noodles, fried tofu infused with lemongrass and soaking up that beautiful boneless broth like a sponge, shiitakes, "chicken" which I think is also tofu, and "beef" which I think is seitan. All the ingredients are nice in terms of flavor and texture, and the soup comes with bean sprouts, mint, cabbage, and lime to help cut the richness and add fresh, herbal, crispness, and acid to this deeply satisfying bowl. My go-to dish here in the morning is the chao / rice porridge / congee  with Chinese donut (yiu tiao). The Chinese donut is perfectly fried, with crisp exterior that reveals a pillow of dough inside that is the perfect sponge to absorb the flavor of that deeply rich and satisfying. The congee has an incredible depth of flavor, comes with "shrimp" and shiitakes in the bowl, and is topped with fried shallots and fresh cilantro. If you're extra hungry, consider augmenting your meal with an order of the fried tofu with lemongrass and chili. Amazingly crisp crust, tender tofu goodness inside, all infused with the refreshing aroma of lemongrass and the added depth of the chili. I like to wash down my meals with the pandan soy milk, which is also filling in itself, so if you're not too hungry, that may be an excessive choice. The only thing that has ever let me down here was the soy pudding with ginger syrup. The syrup was the only palatable part of this. The soy pudding tasted really off, like it had over-fermented or something. Strangely sour, almost acetic taste to it. I don't know if this was just an off-batch or not, but I remember asking the waitress if it was fresh and she insisted it was. It was my first time having soy pudding; not my wife's, who was very disappointed in it. We ended up taking it home anyway, and I bought a packaged soy pudding from the Vietnamese market near our house for the sake of taste comparison, and that one was silky smooth, subtle goodness; essentially what I expected, which was a bland silky tofu that instantly becomes sweet and silky goodness with the addition of the ginger syrup. Needless to say, the off-tasting batch met the trash can and we ended up finishing the store-bought one instead. Read more
New York Chicken&Gyro
New York Chicken&Gyro / Restaurant
#210 of 27886 places to eat in Los Angeles
Open now 10:00 - 23:00
Mediterranean, Halal
Tlayuda L.A.
Tlayuda L.A. / Restaurant
#196 of 27886 places to eat in Los Angeles
Open now 09:00 - 21:00
Latin American, Mexican