Block House menu

Dishes and Drinks in Block House

Restaurant features

dinner breakfast business lunch lunch romantic atmosphere cosy atmosphere birthday party outdoor seating great location great service friendly staff


wine coffee beer bourbon juice whiskey ale apple juice chocolate frappes chocolate frappe malbec


burgers rice sirloin beef lamb cutlets cheese plate broth carne-de-sol cheeseburgers ciabatta ribs ginger salad steaks meat soup lamb seafood baguette green salads casserole succulent steak entrecote buffalo steak melt sandwich beef melt grilled turkey carrot soup fries salads crabs sausages hamburgers filet mignon french onion soup tomato soup tomato salads vegetable salad sirloin steaks crab salads baked potatoes beef ribs steak salads ribeye frankfurter cutlets poultry prawns goose fillet steak schnitzels rump steak tenderloin pies carrot salad potato casserole medium steak garlic fries cebolada kama cepelinai kugel


chocolate cake ice cream cheesecake parfait chocolate custard american cheesecake crumble cakes chocolate lava cake apple tart new york cheesecake apple strudel chocolate bomb apple cheesecake gâteau berliner
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