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68-69 Royal Hospital Rd., SW3 4HP
London, England, United Kingdom
If you are hungry while enjoying Chelsea Physic Garden, come to this restaurant to dine. Gordon Ramsay is famous for its French cuisine. Taste the wonderful soufflé and delicious tarte. Many guests mention that the sushi is awful. One of the menu items is the great wine. Enjoy the great champagne. Many guests find the service excellent. It's a three-star Michelin restaurant that is worth a special trip. The restaurant was rewarded with 4 black knife-and-fork symbols that means that the Michelin experts state Gordon Ramsay has top-class comfort.
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You must stop here when in London. This was the best food I'd ever eaten. It was pricey, but the food and service were perfect. Everything that came out of the kitchen was perfection. I can not recommend this enough.
We frequent high end restaurants, and were disappointed.   The food was not memorable save the lobster ravioli, the service too intrusive for the space and , the decor so bland that it appeared cost-conscious.  Most importantly, they need security and need to focus on that issue.  It is a highly assessable "known-name" dining venue on a quiet street. We noticed  men on two occasions who could be described as religiously militant directly outside the restaurant a few feet from us. They were allowed to loiter and look inside for several minutes.  It was very concerning.  That is not a good situation, and someone needs to address that.   I've never seen that happen in London before.
I won't go into a lot of detail here, there are legions of other reviews for that.  The key points about my experience: 1.  The food was phenomenal 2. We were treated a little weirdly at times Here's some detail on point 2: We are American, we are well versed in fine dining.  Does anyone come here who isn't?  You can't exactly walk in off the street or stumble into a reservation...  Anyway, the first weird thing was that we requested the wine pairings.  The pairing isn't like a typical tasting menu where there is a published price, they give you a range because they claim to select wines on a case by case basis after discussing likes and dislikes with you.  That's fine.  The weird thing was that when my husband told a server that we were interested in pairings, she asked us who was hosting the dinner.  We were perplexed, never having been asked that question before, there were only two of us (married couple).  After a painful few moments we discerned that she was asking who would be paying for dinner and then verified that we were okay with the range of prices that had been printed on the menu that we had *just* been perusing.  Yes, we ordered the pairings, we are prepared to pay within the listed price range.  The second weird thing was when we selected our chosen main course.  I ordered the pigeon (or squab as we yanks call it) and the server (I think the GM?) asked if I was fine with it being cooked med. rare.  I said yes, that is fine with me, that is how I prefer it.  It seemed as if he didn't quite believe me and then basically proceeded to try to talk me out of going with the chef's recommendation.  He said "I don't know, are you sure?  It is served *quite pink*, we can cook it more for you if you prefer..."  I'm not sure what this was about, perhaps they've been burned by too many stupid Americans sending back a beautifully cooked dish to be cooked more?  Or I was just being profiled as a dumb woman who doesn't know anything?  I can't be sure.  Regardless, the squab was perfection and I ate every bite.  Perhaps this gentleman recognized that he'd misjudged us, he gave us a tour of the kitchen at the end of our meal, presumably to compensate for his somewhat poor behavior earlier in the meal. Ultimately, the meal was fantastic, the food was fabulous and the weirdness didn't ruin it, but I thought it was notable, I've never been treated this way in such a highly regarded restaurant before. Hopefully someone from the restaurant reads this so that they can take the feedback, but I have a feeling that management at establishments such as R GR don't give a hoot about yelp reviews...
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