Kathrin's menu

Dishes and Drinks in Kathrin's

Restaurant features

lunch great service breakfast friendly staff cosy atmosphere brunch birthday party


cakes berliner pastry ice cream pancakes doughnuts cupcakes brezeln strudel berry smoothie biscotti biscuits almond cake cheesecake


coffee beer tea smoothies fruit smoothie strawberry smoothie


currywurst bratwurst poultry chicken salads burgers fish sausages meat gyros pork pasta pies bacon spaghetti fries salmon soup german sausages beef sandwiches schnitzels fish & chips scrambled eggs ham nacho chips potato sausage potato fritters fried sausages chili burger veggie burger marinated chicken smoked salmon feta salad asida goulash quiche chicken gyro fish soup omelettes potato salads fritters spaetzle bread soup noodle soups beef nachos leberkäse egg omelette crispy chicken salad toast burgers with fries chicken sandwiches smoked sausage light salad fried salmon pate courgettes chilli chicken tacos crispy chicken sandwich chicken noodle soup sausage pasta chicken noodles prawns wiener schnitzel pasta salads chicken schnitzels lentil soup coleslaw chicken rolls terrine mushroom salads nachos
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