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Restaurant features

great location breakfast lunch dinner cosy atmosphere wedding great service friendly staff


chocolate cake tiramisu lemon dessert lemon pie cakes chocolate mousse mousse zuppa inglese creme patissiere gâteau


coffee wine beer rum lemonade cordial liqueur house wine white wine chocolate margaritas tinto de verano cortado tinto verano grappa


burrata cheese lasagna tortellini risotto speck eggplant salad octopus salads cannelloni pizza meat soup pasta seafood broth salsa terrine blue cheese tagliatelle seafood pasta parmo italian pizza antipasto ricotta gorgonzola macaroni italian pasta white cheese stuffed pasta spaghetti spaghetti carbonara truffle cheese pizza caprese salad vegetable salad pate charcuterie platter cheese bread spaghetti with clams pizza margherita four cheese pizza pesto pasta pepperoni pizza cheese rolls garlic cheese bread pizza carbonara mushroom pizza parmesan prawns ravioli chicago pizza menudo garlic rolls parmigiana cheese salad pides piadinas melanzane parmigiana spaghetti vongole pies tapas shrimp pasta asida laing salsiccia completo

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