Amazing resorts and restaurants of the Dominican Republic

Amazing resorts and restaurants of the Dominican Republic

by Daniela Stiglitz

When we pronounce the word 'Dominican', we imagine white beaches, sparkling blue sea, tall palms and stunning resorts. If you are ready for a long flight across the Atlantic Ocean, then vacations in the Caribbean will be the right choice at any time of the year.

The Dominican is diverse, and everyone will find a suitable holiday for themselves. Families with children choose hotels with a large territory and "all inclusive", active young people prefer sports, new interesting places, and a crazy nightlife. But in every corner of this paradise, guests will find wonderful restaurants with delicious dishes. We offer a brief description of the top 10 popular resorts and places to eat at where you can spend a great time.

Punta Cana

This small town with an extensive coastline and white-sanded beaches is almost entirely built up by low five-star hotels. Some Punta Cana restaurants are situated at hotels, offering guests a dinner according to the A-la-Carte system. One of the best places for an evening break is the restaurant Pastrata.

It’s the best place for trying authentic Mexican food. Seafood dishes are quite wide and diverse. You can taste fish tacos, coconut shrimps, and a terrific lemon pie. To all guests, the personalized service of Chef Hernan and the excellent service of his waiters is a very pleasant experience.

#1 of 607 restaurants in Punta Cana, Dominicana
Address: Avenida Alemania Hotel RD68, Punta Cana, La Altagracia Province, Dominicana, 23000
Phone number: +18095529863
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Cap Cana

Cap Cana is located near Punta Cana and it is a place for those who want to choose a new, prestigious and most expensive resort. Luxury villas with private territory and pools, golf courses, luxury yachts and restaurants - all this is about Cap Cana.

One of the best restaurants in the area is the Little John restaurant. It has a great menu with very accessible prices including wine. The food portions are large and, usually, on Sundays, they have live music. But the best thing is the view of the Juanillo beach. Here you can taste perfectly cooked fried fish and calamari.

Little John
#16 of 607 restaurants in Punta Cana, Dominicana
Address: Playa Juanillo, Cap Cana Cap Cana, Punta Cana, La Altagracia Province, Dominicana, 00000
Phone number: +18094697727
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La Romana

Built in an American style, the resort has two excellent world-class golf courses, a shooting range, and a hunting club, tennis courts, and excellent diving opportunities with spearfishing. The whole territory is built-up by villas, which Americans rent by large families and companies.

Shish Kabab is an Asian restaurant where chefs can cook kebabs in dozens of different ways. In fact, the whole secret of cooking kebabs is in their seasonings. Parsley, garlic, sesame, all kinds of sauces - these small but very important details make dishes unique. The owner of Shish Kabab from the very first day has been taking photos of satisfied guests from around the world who dined here and proudly hanging them on the walls.

Shish Kabab
#1 of 178 restaurants in La Romana, Dominicana
Address: Calle Francisco Castillo Marquez 32, La Romana, La Romana Province, Dominicana, 22000
Phone number: +18095562737
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Boca Chica

The beaches here are not as wide as in Punta Cana but they are also snow-white. Only the coral reef comes very close to the shore. For young children, you need to constantly look around. It’s a great place for lovers of water sports: windsurfing, sailing, water skiing.

The restaurant Boca Marina almost hangs over the sea surface, on the pier, on the beach of Boca Chica. You are offered to eat yummy pescadoprawns and fantastic seafood paella. The atmosphere and the location of the restaurant are wonderful. Elegant interior design and breathtaking views of the ocean are the main advantages of this place. It will be nice to meet the sunset with a glass of wine or have a romantic dinner there.

Boca Marina
#1 of 84 restaurants in Boca Chica, Dominicana
#1 of 448 restaurants in Santo Domingo, Dominicana
Address: Calle Prolongación Duarte, 12-A, Boca Chica, Boca Chica, Santo Domingo Province, Dominicana
Phone number: +18096886810
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Juan Dolio

Like Boca Chica, the resort town of Juan Dolio is located on the Caribbean coast of the Dominican Republic. There are many corals near the beach, budget hotels, and coastal cafés.

El Meson is a cozy restaurant with a large variety of menus, including traditional Mediterranean cuisine and a large selection of seafood. Delicious paella, appetizing chicken in a fragrant sauce and much more - it is impossible to resist. Sometimes in the evenings, the restaurant has live music that creates a romantic atmosphere.

El Meson
#2 of 70 restaurants in Juan Dolio, Dominicana
Address: Carr Nueva, Juan Dolio, San Pedro de Macorís Province, Dominicana, 21000
Phone number: +18095262666
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Puerto Plata

The best of the wild Atlantic sandy beaches stretches for 120 km. In the very town of Puerto Plata, you can spend your time looking at the church, where the first mass in the American continent was held, visiting the local Amber Museum, and one of the best restaurants in this area.

The most famous restaurant in Puerto Plata Le Papillon is located among the royal green palm trees of the provincial beach. The ambitious chef Thomas knows everything about international cuisine. His twenty years of experience in various countries of the world eventually brought him to the Dominican Republic, where he shocked the audience with his ingenious culinary skills. Here you’ll find great fillet pepper steaks with fino sherry for a great dinner.

Le Papillon
#3 of 250 restaurants in Puerto Plata, Dominicana
Address: Villas Cofresi, Puerto Plata, Puerto Plata Province, Dominicana, 57000
Phone number: +18099707640
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In this part of paradise, young people with boards conquer the wave in the daytime and spend time in bars and discos in the evening. Here, it is equally simple to find great friends and meet one’s destiny.

Gordito's Fresh Mex is a good restaurant of Mexican cuisine with very attractive prices. It is worth trying the grilled fish, a variety of burritos and nachos, delicious fish tacos, as well as the special spicy sauce of Joe, the local chef, who keeps a secret of his preparation. You can dine in the cozy restaurant or on the outdoor patio.

Gordito's Fresh Mex
#8 of 117 restaurants in Cabarete, Dominicana
Address: Carretera Principal Plaza Ocean Dream, Cabarete, Puerto Plata Province, Dominicana, 57000
Phone number: +18298443434
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Sosua is a small town, comfortably hidden in a quiet bay not far from Puerto Plata. As in Cabarete, there are plenty of bars, discos, entertainment and drinking establishments.

Midtown Sosua bar & restaurant is an international cuisine restaurant located in the heart of Sosua. The menu, except for hamburgers, steaks, grilled chicken and pork chops, includes a variety of seafood dishes delivered to the restaurant daily: prawns in wine sauce, roasted perch, lobsters and much more. In Midtown, there is a friendly atmosphere, delicious food, and a full bar, as well as a private pool in which you can cool down, lazily sipping the famous Cuba Libre.

Midtown Sosua bar & restaurant
#3 of 125 restaurants in Sosúa, Dominicana
Address: Calle Dr. Rosen #3, Sosúa, Puerto Plata Province, Dominicana, 57000
Phone number: +18099179518
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The peninsula of Samana will be appreciated by romantics and lovers of ecotourism. Here you can find the best sandy beaches, and in the sea, you can meet dolphins.

Mata Rosada is a small cozy cafe in the city center, on the waterfront. Here, you can try a variety of dishes of Caribbean cuisine. You can always enjoy seafood dishes, pasta, and good beef steaks. A magnificent choice of good wines is offered to the guests.

Mata Rosada
#1 of 11 seafood restaurants in Samana, Dominicana
Address: Malecon No. 5, Samana, Samaná Province, Dominicana, 32000
Phone number: +18095382388
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Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas offers its guests a relaxing atmosphere in the heart of tropical nature. Nightlife is very stormy: a lot of bars, nightclubs, and discos open every evening.

The Beach Restaurant is a cozy restaurant located on the Coson beach. The menu contains an organic mix of Caribbean, Mediterranean, and International cuisines. It is worth paying attention to dishes from the freshest seafood. However, if you prefer hamburgers, then they are also cooked, and they are quite tasty. Nice shrimp tartare is one the best dishes here.

The Beach Restaurant
#8 of 112 restaurants in Las Terrenas, Dominicana
Address: Calle Coson, Las Terrenas, Samaná Province, Dominicana, 13007
Phone number: +18098473288
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All in all, the Dominican Republic is an amazing country! On a small piece of land, you can see a lot of natural masterpieces, for which it is not a pity to cross the ocean and a great number of restaurants that are worth visiting.

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Amazing resorts and restaurants of the Dominican Republic