Best food in Chicago restaurants

by Violette Morel
Updated July 14, 2017
Best food in Chicago restaurants

The year 2017 brought Chicago the title of the best restaurant city, according to Condé Nast Traveler (a deluxe travel magazine published by Condé Nast). Well, that might really be true for the city is extremely popular among gastro travelers. Even if this fact has already inspired you to be trendy and fly to Chicago right now, wait a minute. Before buying a ticket, we'll help you answer the most important questions: Where to go? What to eat? How much money to spend... or steal (just kidding)?

RoofTop restaurant

When I am eating, I am deaf and dumb. Not in this case! Here, at 3 Arts Club Café, chatting and listening to is a must. This is a marvelous place with fantastic interior and great staff. Eating here is a superb experience, be it a business breakfast or a birthday night. The restaurant combines Northern California and Mediterranean cuisines featuring seasonal dishes. Order the tastiest meals relaxing at the best-designed and elegant place. It's a perfect occasion to come out wearing the most favorite evening dress. Don't miss it.

Smoked salmonSmoked salmon

The fountain in the center of the Grand Courtyard impregnates the atmosphere with the unforgettable feelings. The guests can dine in this all-season oasis among olive trees or somewhere else in the gallery.

Grand CourtyardGrand Courtyard

Pantry & Espresso Bar and Wine Vault & Tasting Room are at the guests' disposal. Order a cup of the flavorous coffee or tea and some freshly baked pastry to degust it at one of the best restaurants of America.

 3 Arts Club Café PantryPantry

BBQ restaurant

The name of the restaurant The Purple Pig speaks for itself. The menu includes plenty of pork dishes, which means that it's a perfect place for meat-lovers. In addition to meaty dishes, there are excellent spicy snacks, favorite salads, various cheeses, and tasty desserts. For evening dinner, order some savory wine, cold beer or a sweet cocktail.

 The Purple Pig
The Purple Pig

If you're lucky, your dish will be served on the pig-shaped plate (guess why). The restaurant bar offers beverages which you can drink in the open air.

 The Purple Pig Dish
The Purple Pig Dish

The beautiful serving of dishes is worth noting as well. A piece of art, isn't it?

The Purple Pig Food
The Purple Pig Food

Themed restaurant

First of all, Elizabeth is a one Michelin Star award owner (2017). The restaurant's self-taught chef Iliana Regan cooks her dishes inspired by her Midwestern roots. She organizes tasting menus to tell the story of her Midwestern heritage.

Elizabeth chefElizabeth chef

Elizabeth’s cuisine is imbued with the natural world - they call it 'New Gatherer'. The team cooks unusual seasonal dishes, so you won't find fried chicken wings or mac&cheese here - thoughtful menus only.

Elizabeth menuElizabeth menu

Cooks use expensive and rare ingredients not to steal your money but to let you feel forgotten or unknown savor. Organic food is the place's main orientation.

Elizabeth restaurant hallElizabeth restaurant hall

High-Floor restaurant

Sixteen in the two Michelin star-rated restaurant situated in the heart of the Chicago downtown on the 16th floor of the Trump International Hotel & Tower. The terrace of the restaurant attracts visitors in summer.

Sixteen hallSixteen hall

Its floor-to-ceiling windows with a view of the Lake Michigan, Chicago River and the Wrigley Building Clock Tower really impress and remain in memory. The food is served à la carte or in a tasting service.

Sixteen menu

Besides, the restaurant offers to dine at the wine foyer or at the private dining room. The menu is as stylish as the interior. Visit the restaurant to see everything with your own eyes.

Sixteen dishSixteen dish

A list of the top absolutely different Chicago restaurants is now in your hands. A lot of people work every day to make your sojourn at their place as pleasant as possible. Follow the links inside the article to find out more about these places to eat at and enjoy. You can also visit the page and read about The best restaurants in Chicago to continue our delicious conversation.

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