Best restaurants to impress you in Seattle

by Nova Vozrak
Updated July 14, 2017
Best restaurants to impress you in Seattle

When you look at Seattle it is hard not to notice the standing out Space Needle which feels like aliens have landed here. Yet, this is not the only thing Seattle may impress you with and be remembered by. The city is rich in awesome and memorable places to taste Pacific Northwest cuisine. Some of them are to impress you with interior design, others with service and cuisine, or with all of that in one piece. The latter are the ones you are to read about now.


Canlis ExteriorCanlis Exterior

Are you ready to pay for unforgettable experience? Do you prefer to have free space and not to touch your neighbors' elbows with yours? Do you enjoy wearing suits? Canlis is the restaurant to visit for an exclusive dining experience. It has a dress code for guests to follow and you may be not allowed to enter if something is wrong with your look. When you enter the restaurant you clearly understand what is it all for. This restaurant has a family feel in everything. The atmosphere is breathtaking. The place has a corner to suit any taste and mood: cozy little tables near the bar, the ones for big companies, others with a beautiful scenery of evening Seattle, etc. Canlis is famous for a special attention to the service provided and the owners are proud of it. A side note: the place has late working hours (starting with 5:30 PM), so it is perfect for sunset dinners and proposals.

Canlis music hall

Canlis music hall

Canlis dishCanlis dish


This is a premium restaurant with corresponding prices and attitude. People suffering from acrophobia are recommended to avoid SkyCity as the name speaks for itself. The restaurant is a part of the famous Seattle Needle and is 500 feet in the air.

SkyCity panoramaSkyCity panorama

If you feel brave enough and dare to come here, you won’t be disappointed as guests coming to the restaurant are taken on a free trip to the Needle Observation Deck. Besides, while basking in the courses by Executive Chef Jeff Maxfield you have a chance to savor evening lights of Seattle from the bird-flight height with SkyCity’s rotating panorama. The average bill is about $62, but it is totally worth it! Come here and be impressed by flavors and the scenery.

SkyCity interior

SkyCity interior

SkyCity dishSkyCity dish

Ray’s Cafe

What can be more inspiring than a sea rustling gently and a breeze softly touching your face? Well, all of these accompanied by an unforgettable meal. Ray’s Cafe has an outdoor deck with a majestic view of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.

Ray's Cafe inner hallRay's Cafe inner hall

The sea is always charming and inspiring and so is this restaurant. During the warm season, it is recommended to make a reservation if you want to catch a place on the waterfront deck. Happy hours, which are a daily event, offer visitors the unique value-priced food and discounted beverages. Ray’s place is ideal for celebrations: it offers an event catering with a spectacular front row view of the Puget Sound and Mountains. Your guests are sure to remember the party for long. All-in-all, Ray’s place has a lot to offer to sea lovers.

Ray's cateringRay's Catering

Ray's dish servingRay's dish serving

As you see, Seattle is a city full of magic and unforgettable experience. Even if you’ve already been to all of the mentioned places, you still have a lot to explore. Check out the vast list of the best restaurants in Seattle and collect your own bright memories of this city.

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