Nizhny Novgorod – the city of marvelous tastes

Nizhny Novgorod – the city of marvelous tastes

by Nova Vozrak

Nizhny Novgorod is a city with rich history. The city stands on the river Volga. Its coat of arms features a deer, the symbol disputed about for many years. This is the city where Pushkin was taken for an auditor and whose Fair (previously called Makaryev Fair) was described in Eugene Onegin. Here among numerous historic monuments and buildings, interesting places for dining can be found. Let’s have a look at the best ones.

1. The Mitrich Steakhouse restaurant
The Mitrich Steakhouse restaurant

Meat tartare - a delicious dish for lovers of exclusive food with the addition of raw meat. Despite the fact that the main component of the dish is raw coarse beef, the tartare is truly delicious. This dish is prepared surprisingly fairly quickly but served as a gourmet dish along with dry red wine and fresh vegetable salad.

#2 of 28 steak restaurants in Nizhny Novgorod
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Kovalikhinskaya Ulitsa, 8, Nizhny Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russia, 603006
Photo from Restaurant Guru
Photo from Restaurant Guru
Photo from Restaurant Guru
Photo from Restaurant Guru

The utmost leader is the Mitrich steakhouse with the cozy atmosphere and modern décor. The waiters and waitresses are very professional and welcoming, they know well what your dish is made of and will gladly explain how it should be eaten if you try it for the first time. All dishes are beautifully served. This is a steakhouse so meat is the main ingredient of the courses here. The dishes you would probably come here for are steaks and they do deserve your attention, namely, the tartare and veal steaks are awesome.

Some of the dishes are accompanied by a little show, like a glass dome with smoke inside that hides the dish from your eyes till it is taken off and the smoke vanishes or a melting dessert. The latter one is the company dessert which is a chocolate sphere with a filling of ice cream and pistachio praline. It is melted with hot chocolate right after it is served, the very moment before you start eating. It should be mentioned that the place is not cheap. Yet, if you are ready to spend some money on gastronomic pleasures, Mitrich Steakhouse should be the first place on the list.

2. The Salut restaurant
The Salut restaurant
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Ulitsa Oktyabr'skaya, 9А, 1 Etazh, Nizhny Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russia, 603005
Photo from Restaurant Guru
Photo from Restaurant Guru

The next place that deserves mentioning is the Salut burger house. Its menu has an enormous variety of hamburgers served. The place has two menus: for the inside hall and for the veranda. The atmosphere here is formed by the surrounding décor and the unusual dishes’ and drinks’ serving, for example, your cocktail may be brought in a jar, not in a usual glass.

If you come here, make sure to taste the steak burger (yes, you got it right: it has a steak inside not a cutlet). The meat used in it goes through a special preparation which takes 14 hours in total. Be prepared to pay a bit more for the meal than in other places of the kind. Yet, the pleasure you get for the money paid is worth it.

3. The Vitalich restaurant
The Vitalich restaurant

Ukha is a Russian fish soup cooked from different types of fish (e.g. wels, bream or ruffe) and vegetables: potatoes, leek, carrot, dill and parsley. Black pepper and salt can be added optionally. This soup was first mentioned in 17th-18th centuries. It is more preferable to cook the dish from the fresh and younger fish.

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Bolshaya Pokrovskaya St, 35, Nizhny Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russia, 603000
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Come to Vitalich for a special atmosphere and national Russian dishes. The place boasts of having its own forestry, thus you can be sure that the meat or poultry you order here are the freshest. It is impossible to go by and not notice the place. A monument of a man in a traditional Russian costume put in a welcoming pose offers passersby to enter the place and have some rest. There are several dining zones inside: a hunters’ zone, a medieval zone with swords and armors, a cozy peasant’s house interior, and the one with a collection of kerosene lamps.

Yet, the forestry is not the only thing the place is famous for: pickled vegetables and homemade alcoholic drinks are said to be good. This is the place to try national Russian cuisine (stuffed quails, triple ukha, venison) for adequate prices. After a dinner here you take with you the memories about the unforgettable atmosphere of a traditional Slavic hut and a feel of dining in a museum.

As you can see, Nizhny Novgorod is rich on interesting restaurants which are not far from memorable places and the city center. Check the ones from the list above and find more variants to try, they all await their guest.

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Nizhny Novgorod – the city of marvelous tastes