San Francisco restaurants for special dining experience

by Max Foodie
Updated July 14, 2017
San Francisco restaurants for special dining experience

Eating out in San Francisco is not a problem. The mixture of people and cultures has turned the city into a real paradise for gourmets. Over 10 000 restaurants and bars won't let you stay hungry and sad. It`s easy to make a great dinner with friends or a romantic evening unique. Here are 3 restaurants with that will make any evening in San Francisco unforgettable. 

Haute cuisine dishes on open fire

Cooking on open fireCooking on open fire

Cooking on open fire

Do you want to taste luxuries ingredients cooked on the open fire and are ready to pay for it? Have you ever thought of how a restaurant kitchen actually looks like? It is a perfect place to start you foodie journey and learn more about fine cuisine. You won't find barriers between the kitchen and dining area, and every team member is ready to answer your questions.

Saison prawnSaison prawn

Saison dishSaison dish

Saison saladSaison salad

The special thing about this place is that almost every dish is prepared on the open fire with a special sauce. The Chef Joshua Skene presents and describes dishes personally. His extraordinary culinary talent allows him to create meals with fantastic flavored dishes. It`s unbelievable, but he makes 3-ingredient dishes taste better than most complicated ones. A 22-course menu for $398 is totally worth it. The 3 stars Michelin holder, the restaurant called Saison, awaits you. 

Lunch on an island

Forbes Island interiorForbes Island interior

Initially, it was created by a designer of floating houses in 1975 and was a mock-up of a residential building. Soon, the owners understood the same people came to have a lunch on the water, however, without any wish to purchase the floating house.

Forbes IslandForbes Island

Forbes Island crabForbes Island crab

Forbes island chowderForbes island chowder

They hired a professional team of cooks and turned the house into a floating restaurant with exquisite cuisine. So, choose a fine day and go out for dinner. Don`t forget to book a table in advance. 

Dinner in the Dark

Service in the darkService in the dark

Are you passionate about new experience? Did you know that our taste buds work together with eyes and without the visual support, it is sometimes difficult to guess what you really eat? Here is an experiment that you`ll like if you are not afraid of darkness. Welcome to Opaque. All light sources are strictly prohibited here, no mobile phones, tablets, nothing. The waiter escorts you to the table and serves meals that won't disappoint you if you manage to put a spoon in your mouth.  


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